Meet The Team

Kylee Arnold, Owner

Sarah Rainey, LDN, RDN

Dustenn Buhler, Coach

Lee Jackson, LDN, RDN



Kylee Arnold, Owner

I’m Kylee Arnold the owner and founder of Arnold Nutrition Coaching. I’m a mom of two little girls, 3 years old and 6 months old so send all the good vibes for the stage I’m in right now 😂

Just like many of you, for years I was trying all the diets, but I felt like no matter what I tried, my physical appearance didn’t match my efforts.

After years of seeing bits and pieces of advice on Instagram and trying to piecemeal a diet I was so confused on what I should actually eat.

So I hired my own nutrition coach and counted macros, it was a game changer for me to have an accountability partner! I met my goals and learned a ton about food and my body. But then what was next I wondered? How can I live a healthy lifestyle and not count every little thing? How could I enjoy a drink here and there, jambalaya at tailgates and King Cake at Mardi Gras without feeling guilty?

I realized most programs didn’t teach people how to transition into normal life, especially southern life. 🐊

I decided I wanted to help women like me figure out it didn’t have to be so hard and there was a way to eat sustainably and work on your mindset along the way. So I got my own nutrition certification and developed my own system for coaching women.

We live different lifestyles than the rest of the Instagram world, while some say food is fuel, food really is fun for us. It’s part of our life. But there still had to be balance in order to achieve fat loss goals and there had to be a mindset component to help build a better relationship with food. Because while food is part of the Southern woman's life it can also consume us and feel exhausting.

Through each stage of my life I learned more and more about myself and nutrition and I gained the confidence to know what foods and how much food I need to eat based on my changing goals and where I was in life. I don’t obsess over eating too much or too little or eating the right or wrong things any more. Because my habits match my goals. So while I’m still a work in progress, nutrition feels easier than it has in the past.



Sarah Rainey, LDN, RDN

Sarah has a background in corporate wellness and clinical nutrition.

She’s a Mom of two with a deep passion for overall health and wellness — mind, body, and soul. She lives in Baton Rouge with her husband and children, and is most likely spending time with family, experimenting in the kitchen or getting her pilates on.



Dustenn Buhler, Macro Coach

On top of being an amazing macro coach, Dustenn is a physical therapist assistant and functional fitness coach so she understands all the facets of health.⁠

“I am excited to share my functional knowledge of nutrition to help clients reach their personal goals. I teach using food as fuel, looking at the scale objectively, and finding healthy alternatives to be satisfied day to day. You can achieve weight loss or add lean mass while maintaining optimal performance, whether that’s in the gym or just having more energy for your busy day. If you want to learn about “counting macros” and balancing discipline with the demands of an active lifestyle, I would love to help you.” – Dustenn⁠



Lee Jackson, LDN, RDN

Lee is a Registered Dietitian, with a broad range of experience in the food and nutrition industry.

She graduated from LSU in 2004 and completed her dietetic internship from Touro Infirmary in 2005. After a brief stint as a Clinical Dietitian at Methodist Hospital, Hurricane Katrina brought Lee to Baton Rouge where she provided outpatient Weight Management and Disease Specific Counseling for Women along with being a WIC Nutritionist.

For almost 15 years, Lee has been the dietitian with best-selling cookbook author Holly Clegg; managing as well as Clegg’s Trim & TERRIFIC® cookbook series so she understands what it takes to modify recipes and encourage better food choices - for an overall healthier diet.

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