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5 Healthy Menu Options Under 500 Calories at Lit Pizza

misc. Jun 02, 2021

I'm Kylee Arnold, your personal nutrition coach, accountability partner and motivator. I'ma busy mom that lives in South Louisiana, so I get the struggles of  restricted time and endless temptations when trying to reach your fat loss goals. I had tried many diets and approaches to achieve my goal body, but   always wondered, was this what I needed? Was this the best way for me? And how can I make this fit into my day-to-day   life! If you have these same questions and want to know if working 1:1 with a coach would be a good fit, schedule a free discovery call today!


You can enjoy your favorite local restaurants (even pizza) and still make progress toward your goals! Below I've laid out five different options for you to choose from the next time you visit your local Lit Pizza, so you can feel confident making a decision next time the kiddos beg you for pizza! I've included low fat and low carb options and they all have a decent amount of protein!










If you're looking to make lasting changes in your nutrition then working with a local nutrition coach who can help you navigate LIFE may be what you need. Schedule a call to see if we're the right fit!